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Board of Directors

Name Position on the Board Role in Community
Susan Ingram
Executive Director BBBSO
Tina Hill President Hill ADR Solutions
James Sliter Past President RBC Royal Bank
Timon LeDain Vice-President Macadamian Technologies
Michael Laurie
Member at Large Ministry of Education
Cindy Melville
Emily Villeneuve  Secretary Augustine Bater Binks
Jason Neubauer
Member at Large Crown Attorney's Office
Jacob Tummon Member at Large Environment Canada
Michael R. Foster Director, Internal Audit Canadian Blood Services
Carl Cartwright Member at Large
Ottawa Police Services
Mitchell Kutney Member at Large CHEO
Cindy McGann Member at Large ProntoForms Inc.
Jamie Puddiecombe Member at Large Federal Government 
Paul Willets Member at Large Vey Willetts LLP

If you are interested in volunteering to be a Board member or committee member with our agency, please send your resume to us.