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Legacy Giving

Building Futures Funds

- Making your LEGACY one of HOPE for children and youth in our community -

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Ottawa (BBBSO) prides itself on being a leader in helping at-risk children and families in need in the Ottawa community. We are the only social service agency that provides one-to-one mentoring programs for children and youth. We are also the only agency whose mentors are volunteers and give of their own time and resources. We offer all of our programs to youth and families at no cost. 

BBBSO is able to provide these life-changing programs thanks to the generosity and kindness of its donors and volunteers. Through planned giving programs like the Big Supporters Club (monthly giving) and the Building Futures Fund (legacy giving), BBBSO can plan to reach more and more children every year, ensuring that every child has a reliable and caring adult role model in their life when they need one. Legacy giving is your chance to leave a footprint and continue to change lives and create opportunities for at-risk children and youth long into the future.


"Our greatest success is in the eyes of young children who flourish in our unique one-to-one mentoring program. As a former Big Brother, I understand that mentoring changes lives and makes future brighter.

When I was first matched with Rob, her was a shy 10-year old. It has been so rewarding to see him gain confidence, to flourish, as a teen and then as a young man and ultimately graduate from University with a Masters in Aerospace Engineering. Rob has great potential and a wonderful future ahead. And I was very proud to have him as part of my wedding party. 

Big Brothers Big Sisters Ottawa is about building futures and that is why I have decided to leave a bequest in my will to this great organization. It's very important for me to know that BBBSO will continue to be there for the next generation of children and youth. They are after all our future."

 - John Ouellette, Alumni BBBSO 

Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to continue my legacy through BBBSO's mission in the future. What do I need to do? 

There are two ways to continue your legacy through BBBSO's work: leaving a gift in your will or investing a gift in BBBSO's endowment fund. 

Leaving a gift - 

You can arrange for a gift several ways, the most common being through a bequest in your will. If you have a professional you're working with like a financial planner, lawyer, accountant or insurance agent, you can talk to them about leaving a legacy gift. A professional can also explain the tax benefits of making a planned gift.

BBBSO's Endowment Fund - 

You can make as many donations for any amount to the endowment fund as you would like, and specify what the funds are used for if you wish. By making gifts to BBBSO's endowment fund, your gift is being invested over time so that its long-term impact on the community can be amplified. You can also name yourself or your family when making your gift so that you and your family can be recognized for generations to come, leaving a strong footprint on the community. 

I would like to leave a gift in memory of a loved one. Can I do that? 

A gift is a wonderful way to recognize someone who has made a difference in your life. You can also create a named fund and this kind of gift can be arranged through your will, the same way that you would leave a personal gift from your estate. Be clear that the gift is given in memory of a particular person and/or for a specific use. 

Do I tell BBBSO I've left a gift? 

That is up to you. BBBSO would like to know in advance so that we can recognize your generosity, and it also gives us the opportunity to tell you about specific opportunities for giving. However, whether you let the organization know of your plans is up to you to decide. 

For more information about BBBSO's Building Futures Funds, contact Monique Flocco at 613-247-4776 x319