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"We believe in the value and values of mentoring."

Mentor Support Training

Connect, Share, Learn and Grow For Little’s group 

As an agency serving at risk youth in Ottawa, we always aim for new ways to better serve the children and youth that we serve. As mentors, you are already making a tremendous difference in the life of a Little and we thank you for this. Over the years, BIGS have been requesting ways that they can receive additional support though the many challenges and successes experienced weekly with Littles. BIGS have also requested a platform through which they can meet to share stories, experiences and to be able to network. BBBSO has begun a pilot project that is constantly evolving due to your feedback! We are now offering a Connect, Share, Learn and Grow For Little’s group for all mentors who are currently in a match.

What is this? It is a Series Of 3 training modules given in a three month rotation;

  1. Advocacy & Goal Setting with mentees; Strength-Based Approach, Closure and Termination of a Match
  2. How mentoring can support mentees with mental health issues and substance abuse difficulties
  3. Managing Children; Challenging Behaviours and Effective Strategies paired with Learning Styles

Why:To Connect, Share, Learn and Grow for our Littles!! BBBSO’s team of skilled Social Workers and Child and Youth Care Workers have over 50 years combined of educational and work experience in the field. Our goal is to better serve the children that we serve by providing opportunities for education, to grow through current and past challenging and successful experiences and to answer the evolving needs of our BIGS and Littles. BBBSO is part of a bigger picture! We have a National team with mandatory standards that make our mentoring programs safe and successful for BIGS and Littles. The Series Of 3 will be part of our screening/rescreening process for new or returning mentors to better serve our BBBSO Community.

This is a good way to network and get in contact with other mentors; to discuss various challenges and successes.

When: From 6pm - 8:30pm.

All training will be held at:
Big Brothers Big Sisters Ottawa
1645 Woodroffe Avenue, Room 12
Ottawa, Ontario
K2G 1W2

We are located next to the Nepean Sportsplex in the old Confederation High School. Our office is located in the basement. Please click on the link below for map and further details. 

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All training will be held at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Ottawa - 1645 Woodroffe Avenue, suite 12.