Eric Lapierre
Mentoring Coordinator

Phone: (613) 247-4776 ext. 305

Supervision Sessions

For AM Students
at Viscount Alexander – 55 Mann Avenue

March 21st: 9am-11am
April 25th: 9am-11am
May 30th: 9am-11am

For PM Students
Location: Corpus Christi School (798 Lyon Street South)

March 21st: 1-3pm
April 25: 1-3 pm
May 30th: 1-3pm

Daily Planners and Progress Reports

Daily Planners and Progress Reports are a crucial part of this placement. The completion of your daily planners is directly related to your mid term and final marks for COOP. If they are not completed and handed in on time you will not be marked and may fail your COOP. Documenting and recording are two very important parts of Social Work.

Daily planners must be completed prior to meeting with your your Little. The deadline to submit your Daily Planners online to your Mentoring Coodinator is on the Sunday before you meet with your Little.

Progress Reports must be completed at the conclusion of the week to track progress of weekly and monthly goals. The deadline to submit your Progress Reports is on Sunday at the end of the week (every 2nd week).