This rescreen is for volunteers that have been volunteering with BBBSO for more than three consecutive years, or have not been matched for one year.

The questions in this quiz are based off of the child safety training power point that your mentoring coordinator sent you, please refer to the power point when completing this quiz.

If you are unsure of an answer please say so honestly and your mentoring coordinator will answer any uncertainties or questions you may have.

  • For questions 14 and 15, refer to slide 13.

    Focus on applying some of the following concepts to your answers: Trust, resiliency, communication, goal setting, program staff support, commitment, voice and choice.
  • Name the abuse (i.e. physical abuse) and give an example of the abuse.
  • For questions 28-30

    Answer whether each situation is abuse or not abuse. If it is abuse, name which of the 5 types of abuse it is.

    If you are unsure as to whether the situation is abuse or not, explain why you are unsure, and why it might or might not be abuse (note which type of abuse it might be).