Helping Children in the Community

When children are listened to and presented with role models, they are given the tools they need for success. Mentoring helps children reach their potential, motivating them to achieve their goals while also encouraging them to do good in the community.

BBBSO mentors are role models, leading by example and providing children and youth with the support they need as they encounter the challenges of growing up. We truly believe that every child/mentor relationship, built on friendship, trust, and empowerment, is the beginning of something incredible.

BBBSO Helping Children

Help a Child – Become a Mentor

As a role model, you teach at-risk youth the importance of:

  • Giving
  • Staying in school
  • Respecting family, peers, and the community
  • And more!

These values help transform a child’s confidence, turning them into a motivated young person that is concerned about their environment. There is no greater contribution you can make to the community than helping its children reach their fullest potential.