Welcoming Programs to Help Newcomers and Young People Facing Challenges

Moving can be especially difficult for children. It’s even harder if they’re moving to an entirely new country. Newcomers to Canada often search for a sense of belonging, and youth often struggle with this search.

The Big Brothers Big Sisters of Ottawa Conversation Club gives youth between the ages of 12 and 18 an opportunity to build connections, share their immigration experiences, and find that sense of belonging, all through friendly conversation.

Giving Youth a Voice

Conversation Club helps youth develop a voice in their new home. On a weekly basis, volunteers aged 16 to 24 meet with newcomer youth to help them with social integration. This informal program has a safe and inclusive atmosphere and promotes cross-cultural understanding and respect for others.

Building Connections

Newcomer youth have an opportunity to make friends, build connections, and practice their language skills in welcoming environment. Through partnerships with schools and other community organizations in Ottawa, Conversation Club is able to provide program space, referrals to youth, and on-site support during weekly sessions.


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