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[ You and Big Brothers Big Sisters ]
We serve youth aged:
[ You and Big Brothers Big Sisters ]
The youth we serve come from or have... (Choose what is TRUE):
[ You and Big Brothers Big Sisters ]
Youth programming is offered to any youth, regardless of the fact that they want to be in the program or not.
[ You and Big Brothers Big Sisters ]
Mentoring through youth programming involves...(choose the BEST statement):
[ 5 Elements of a Developmental Relationship ]
What are the 5 elements of a developmental relationship?
6. Fill in the blanks with the right association:

    • Provide Support

    • Expand Possibilities

    • Share Power

    • Express Care

    • Challenge Growth

    1. Help me complete tasks and achieve goals:

    2. Show me that I matter to you:

    3. Push me to keep getting better:

    4. Treat me with respect and give a say:

    5. Connect me with people and places that enlarge my world:

[ The Youth Story ]
Identify the elements of the  Youth Story.  How would you describe being youth centered?  How could you engage with youth to find out their strength and capabilities?
[ Natural Relationships ]
What are natural relationships? (Choose the BEST answer)
[ Natural Relationships ]
What are some of the guiding principles of natural relationships?
[ Natural Relationships ]
What constitutes transformative  relationships? (Choose the BEST answer)
[ Effective Mentoring ]
Describe the elements of Effective Mentoring.
[ The Mentoring Effect ]
How does the mentoring effect impact society as a whole? (Share one or two examples)

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