Use this page as a checklist as you complete each step of the application process.  You do not need to wait for us to contact you before you complete the process using the steps below.

STEP 1 Completed

STEP 2: Schedule In-Person Training and Interview

  • Trainings and Interviews are scheduled 2 weeks in advance.  For example, in order to attend a training or interview on July 17th, you must book by July 3rd.
  • Online trainings must be completed BEFORE each respective in-person training (see below).

Training Scheduling

Please choose a date for Pre-Match AND Mentor Support Training.

Interview Scheduling


MPOWER PROGRAM (15-24 years)

Step 3: Complete Online Training

  • Lesson 1 + Quiz (approximately 1 hour) must be completed before Pre-Match/Mpower 1 Training. – Available Now
  • Lesson 2 + Quiz (approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes) must be completed before Mentor Support/Mpower 2 Training. – Available Now
  • Lesson 3 + Quiz (approximately 1 hour) is only for those enrolling in the Mpower Program. – Available Once In-Person Training is Completed

NOTE: Please ensure you watch each training video in its entirety as you will be unable to complete the quiz without this essential knowledge.

Lesson 1

Click on the video to expand.  Click on the list icon at the bottom right to review by Chapter.

Lesson 2

Click on the video to expand.  Click on the list icon at the bottom right to review by Chapter.

Step 4: Complete Vulnerable Sector and Criminal Record Check

Vulnerable Sector Police Record Check (PRC)

You will need ensure that you’ve completed  your Vulnerable Sector Check. You will need one specifically for volunteering with our agency.  This is an essential part of your enrollment process therefore please complete this step as soon as possible to avoid delay in your application being processed.

Please note: To reduce the cost of processing your Vulnerable Sector Record Check from $65 to $20, you will need to provide the Ottawa Police Service with this letter.

Complete your Vulnerable Sector Record Check Online here.

You can also download the Vulnerable Sector Record Check, and bring it to your local police service to be completed.

For any questions related to Vulnerable Sector Record Check processing times or for a list of FAQ’s, please visit the Ottawa Police Service website.

Step 5: Ready to Be Matched!

File Review and Acceptance

Once you’ve completed all your trainings and interview, and we’ve received your references, proof of insurance and police record check, your file will be reviewed by our staff.  You will receive a letter of acceptance or non-acceptance in the mail.

NOTE: It can take up to 8 weeks to go through our mentor application process and be matched with a youth/child.