Complete Mandatory Online Training

  • Lesson 1 + Quiz (approximately 1 hour) must be completed before Pre-Match/Mpower 1 Training. – Available Now
  • Lesson 2 + Quiz (approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes) must be completed before Mentor Support/Mpower 2 Training. – Available on July 17th
  • Lesson 3 + Quiz (approximately 1 hour) is only for those enrolling in the Mpower Program. – Available on July 17th

NOTE: Please ensure you watch each training video in its entirety as you will be unable to complete the quiz without this essential knowledge.

Lesson 1

Click on the video to expand.  Click on the list icon at the bottom right to review by Chapter.



Schedule mandatory in person training:

  • Trainings and Interviews are scheduled 2 weeks in advance.  For example, in order to attend a training or interview on July 17th, you must book by July 3rd.
  • Online trainings must be completed BEFORE each respective in-person training (see below).