What is MPower?

MPower is a program that collaborates with young people aged 15-24 who want to have a mentor in their lives. If you want support to help you be successful as an adult, or someone to connect with and do activities together, this program is for you.

As a young person 15-24 years old, you meet potential mentors at group events and you decide who you share a connection with and who will make a great mentor for you.


Through shared experiences, this program supports and assists young adults to help in the transition into adulthood. Between 15 and 24 years is a key time to discover what you are passionate about, what direction you want to take in life, and to make some key decisions.  Your mentor can help support that journey!

Through a mentor’s support and encouragement, you will change how you look at the future, discovering new options and possibilities. Together with your mentor, you will ignite your own potential and form a long-lasting friendship.


  • Listen to you
  • Support job/career readiness: Resume, cover letter, interviews etc.
  • Be a strong ally, standing by you to support your choices
  • Advocate for you
  • Be a positive role model
  • Teach you skills
  • Help with post-secondary plans
  • Help you try new things
  • Inject fun in your life

BBBSO Mentoring


Adult volunteers 18 and over are needed to make a difference in a young adult’s life by volunteering a minimum of 10 hours a month.

Who are the mentors?

  • Are unpaid adult volunteers that range in age and life experience
  • Agree to a minimum 2 year commitment
  • Are selected because of their understanding and appreciation of a vulnerable youth’s life experience and their demonstrated ability to build and maintain strong health relationships
  • Are persistent in engaging youth and overcoming challenges in the relationship
  • Appreciate the individual strengths of each young person, will support their current and future goals and can provide perspectives and opportunities that inspire a positive future outlook
  • Will welcome and appreciate the ongoing training, support and guidance from program staff and other mentors


Create a network of social support for youth and give them a sense of stability in their lives as they transition into adulthood.

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