Please be advised that Big Brothers Big Sisters is no longer accepting car seats and boosters as a fundraising program.  You can still recycle these,  however, by contacting ATMO directly.

Reasons to Give

Investing time or money with BBBSO has more of an impact than most realize.

It helps children in need build self esteem and the coping skills they need to stay in school and succeed later in life. But it helps more than just the child; the benefits of mentoring are felt by the entire community.


Littles achieve positive outcomes in life skills and general well-being. Mentoring helps kids stay in school, which in turn leads to a reduction in poverty and unemployment. A positive role-model goes a long way towards reducing bullying, which creates safer schools and neighborhoods.


Studies have shown that former Littles will, on average, earn $315,000 more during the course of their working lives. In fact, Big Brothers Big Sisters mentoring program participants are also significantly more likely to give generously to charity or volunteer their time for community service. And because they’re more likely to earn more, that puts more dollars back into the community.

We’re committed to putting children on a path of lifelong success. To achieve this goal, our programs focus on:

  • Educational achievement
  • Preventing risky and delinquent behaviours
  • Higher self-esteem, confidence, and the ability to relate to others

By working with donors, partners, volunteers, families, and children, we know we can find collaborative solutions to challenges facing our country’s children and communities.

For every $1 spent on mentoring a youth, $18 – $24 is returned to society through economic means.

Power of Three: Social ROI of Investing in MentoringWhether you’re making a single one-time donation, offering in-kind support, signing up for our charity events, or donating gently-used clothing, it’s with your support that we continue helping children in need in the community.

Make a One-Time Donation and Make a BIG Difference

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