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BBBSO Team Highlight: Julie, Mentorship Coordinator.

As a Mentorship Coordinator at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Ottawa (BBBSO), Julie has transformed countless lives through her dedication to fostering meaningful mentor-mentee relationships.

She loves seeing initial awkwardness turn into deep friendships filled with laughter and takes great pride in witnessing these bonds thrive. “I feel a great sense of pride when I see matches complete their first year together, and even prouder when I get to watch them grow into lifelong friends,” she shares.

Julie has a passionate commitment to serving youth, something she shares with her team. “Everything we do is for the youth that we serve,” she says. This collective dedication ensures every action is aimed at offering children the life-changing benefits of mentorship.

Julie’s journey has been deeply driven by a desire to help others. She wants to be remembered for making a difference in someone’s day, guiding her daily interactions and fuelling her passion for her work. “It doesn’t matter how small, or for how long I can help someone, as long as they leave a session with me just a little better, a little more hopeful, then I’ll be happy,” she explains.

Julie’s work at BBBSO is a testament to the profound impact one person can make. Her dedication, passion, and vision are enhancing the lives of Ottawa’s youth and paving the way for a brighter, more connected community.