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BBBSO Team Highlight: Sara, Mentoring Coordinator

Sara’s journey with BBBSO began just a year ago as a placement student. Quickly, her passion for the organization’s work and mission solidified her desire to become a full-time team member. Lucky for everyone, she was hired on to join the Program’s team as a Mentoring Coordinator. In her role, Sara fosters meaningful connections that have a lasting impact on mentors and mentees across Ottawa.

One of Sara’s favourite aspects of her role is seeing the incredible bonds that form between mentors and mentees, with relationships lasting for years. “I get to introduce and facilitate new matches and watch as the relationships grow and blossom,” she shares. The vibrant, supportive environment at BBBSO, characterized by passion and camaraderie, makes it a place where Sara thrives. “Truly, it would be hard for me to find something I do not like about working at BBBSO,” she says.

Sara believes that the core theme of BBBSO’s work is connection—“Connection without judgment and a heart full of support.” This is reflected in the dedication of volunteer mentors and the supportive nature of the staff. By fostering genuine, empathetic connections, BBBSO creates long-lasting relationships that empower youth and uplift the community.

Sara’s path to this work was guided by her desire to help others and her love for working with children and youth. Returning to school as an adult, she aimed to develop a proactive and preventative approach in her career to ensure everyone receives the support they deserve. Her role at BBBSO allows her to see real impacts in people’s lives, and she feels privileged to share in their stories and experiences.

Sara is excited about continuing her learning journey with the clients and staff at BBBSO. She values the growth she has experienced and looks forward to building stronger community connections. By listening to the needs of mentees and mentors, she aims to implement sustainable solutions that benefit everyone. Her commitment to fostering supportive, meaningful connections makes her an invaluable asset to BBBSO and the Ottawa community.