Big News

Big Shout Out and Annual General Meeting

BBBSO’s Big Shout Out is a special annual reception and awards ceremony recognizing our volunteers and celebrating of our mentoring relationships, which is followed by our annual general meeting.

This year, the event took place at The Chamber at Ben Franklin Place on Thursday, April 16, 2015.

Thank you to everyone who attended and congratulations again to all of the award recipients.

Three and five year Community-Based Match Milestones – Amanda Blais & Laurel Shand, Zach Gaulin & Andrew Saikaley, Samuel Gerstgrasser & Cedric Jolivet, Warren Racz & Wesley Miles

Community-Based Graduating Matches – Amy Trick & Kristina Malovic, Lawrence Marks & Joseph Malovic, Claudio De Angelis & Daniel Kay, Anthony Levere & James Light, Everett Sloan & Jarek Ukleja

BBBSO Gratitude Award – Cliff Foley

Cisco Community Volunteer of the Year Award – Tiffany Tambeau

Cisco School of the Year Award – St. Luke’s Ottawa Catholic School

Cisco Outstanding School Liaison of the Year Awards – Deirdre Quinn, Minou Morley, Camylle Robichaud

Cisco Group Program Mentor of the Year Award – Lindsay Lefebvre

Cisco Outstanding Placement Student Award – Maria Peddle

Lois Allen Mentor of the Year Award – Zach Ebel

Norm McEwen In-School Mentor of the Year Award – Alison Porter

Their Opportunity Pay It Forward Awards – Rami Mercer, Isaiah Awuku, Didier Jolivet, Isaiah Griffith, Nathaniel Berhane

Photos are on our Facebook page here.