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Josh and Mike: The Enduring Power of Mentorship

Mike and Josh first met six years ago when they were matched through Big Brothers Big Sisters Ottawa (BBBSO). From the very beginning, they formed a unique bond that grew stronger each year. Mike, a dedicated mentor, was committed to uplifting Josh, fostering his growth and providing unwavering support. They began meeting weekly for a coffee that continues as a cherished part of their week to this day. These meetings became a safe space for Josh to share his challenges and victories, with Mike always ready to listen and offer guidance.

Mike’s support extended beyond these meetings. He has helped Josh navigate the complexities of volunteer applications; one of the most significant milestones in Josh’s journey was when he began volunteering with the City of Ottawa at CHEO. This opportunity, realized with Mike’s guidance, gave Josh a sense of purpose and fulfillment, highlighting the transformative power of mentorship.

Reflecting on their time together, Josh recognized the profound impact Mike had on his life. The mentorship provided him with confidence, direction, and a sense of belonging. Hanging out with Mike was not only enjoyable but also transformative, and it is clear that his influence has made a huge difference.

When BBBSO sought volunteers, Mike and Josh eagerly stepped up. They know firsthand the power of mentorship and are passionate about sharing their story with others, even coming to speak at events. Mike expressed, “I would like to thank [BBBSO] for putting Josh and I together. It has been life-changing for both of us, and we are family now.”

Their story underscores the profound impact mentorship can have on youth. Mike and Josh’s commitment to giving back demonstrates the enduring value of their relationship. Standing side by side, they inspired others to experience the same transformative connection they had found through BBBSO.