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New Mentor-Mentee Match Blooms at BBBSO!

In a picturesque autumn scene at Miller’s Farm in Manotick, a new mentor-mentee match spends quality time together, heralding the promise of friendship and growth through the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Ottawa mentorship program. Meet Wesley and Josh.

Wesley, the Mentor with a big heart, and Josh, a bright young man eager to learn and grow, met at Miller’s Farm, where they picked out pumpkins to celebrate the fall season.  These community outings are important to the blossoming new match, offering interesting activities for our matches to spend time together, learn from one another and build their relationship.

Josh, who has been part of the Big Brothers Big Sisters program for several months, couldn’t help but express his joy at having Wesley as his mentor. “Wesley is awesome. We’ve had so much fun together, and he’s taught me many cool things,” he said with a beaming smile.  It’s clear that their time together is already positively impacting Josh’s life, offering guidance, support, and a strong role model.

On the other hand, Wesley beams with pride and fulfillment when speaking about Josh. “Being a mentor is such a rewarding experience. I’ve enjoyed every moment spent with Josh, and it’s heartwarming to see the positive changes in his life,” Wesley shared. This mentorship has given him a unique opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to a young person’s life and watch him thrive.

The Big Brothers Big Sisters of Ottawa mentorship program plays a vital role in fostering these connections that can improve lives. The success of mentorship matches like Wesley and Josh’s is a testament to the program’s mission of creating lasting, impactful relationships. It’s not just about the fun activities they share, like pumpkin-picking, but the profound influence that mentors can have on mentees, shaping their aspirations and self-esteem.

As the year unfolds, we eagerly anticipate the growth and development of this new mentor-mentee match. In the spirit of optimism and community support, we look forward to revisiting Wesley and Josh’s journey in a year to witness their progress together. Their heartwarming story serves as a reminder of the profound impact mentorship can have on the lives of young people, making a positive difference that will last a lifetime.

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