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The Rewards of Mentorship: A Cherished Bond.

Mentorship is often thought of as a one-way endeavour; one party guiding and pushing the other.

But there is an expectedly mutual bond that develops, encouraging and uplifting mentee and mentor alike. In December 2023, Kazi would discover this for himself when he met his mentee, Isaac.

Kazi is a part of BBBSO’s in-school mentoring program. Matches meet once a week to help develop skills that support and improve the mentee’s educational experience. “Our weekly hour together flies by. These sessions are undoubtedly the highlights of my week,” Kazi shared, “Every session with Isaac is an adventure. We explore the makerspace, play board games, and create our own fun. His boundless energy keeps me on my toes, and his humour tests my creativity.”

Each BBBSO mentoring match is carefully selected by our team to ensure our mentees receive the support they need and our mentors enjoy and feel empowered to uplift their mentee. Kazi was happy to explain, “I am grateful to BBBSO for this opportunity to make a positive impact on Isaac’s life. The support from Lyanne, Isaac’s school liaison, and Shelby, my mentoring coordinator, has been invaluable. They helped me understand Isaac’s needs and provided guidance throughout our journey.”

Mentors are always needed and there are programs to fit the needs of every match. Kazi can tell you, “Being Isaac’s Big Brother is a truly fulfilling experience, and I cherish the bond we have formed.”Learn more about all of BBBSO’s mentorship programs by visiting