Big News

The Big Shout Out

We’ve all had a mentor.

Here’s an easy way to acknowledge them.

We all have a special someone who’s made a difference in our lives. Parents, teachers, coaches, sisters, brothers, friends, the list goes on. Most of us wish we could thank them but it never seems to be the right time or the right place.

Until now.

The Big Shout Out, an initiative that acknowledges and celebrates mentors across Canada. It’s all a part of the 100th anniversary of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada in 2013.

What you can do?

We’d simply like you to tell us about who your mentor was and what they taught you by visiting or just tweet who you want to give a big shout out to on Twitter using #thebigshoutout.

The messaging is up to you. The angle is up to you. The tone is up to you. You can tell us about whomever you want; however you want.

We’d love you to share your own personal stories of mentoring to inspire Canadians and encourage participation in the campaign starting January 14th.

Take a minute to make a difference to someone who made a difference in your life. Why not give a BIG Shout Out?