Let’s Be #BiggerTogether!

Volunteer and Ignite Potential in Ottawa’s Young People

Why Be a Mentor?

By giving just a couple hours of your week, you can help a child succeed. The difference when volunteering with BBBSO (instead of with another organization that helps children) is that we seek volunteers who are committed and consistent.

Although we ask for a minimum of a one year commitment from our mentors, we hope Bigs keep mentoring their Littles until they turn 18, at which time the match graduates. By mentoring a child up until they graduate, your support can help kids by:

  • Motivating them to stay in school;
  • Encouraging them to avoid risky behaviour; and
  • Experience first-hand the importance of helping others in the community.

You Aren’t Alone

When you volunteer with BBBSO, you are never alone. Our staff is here to work with you, the child, and the child’s family throughout the course of your mentoring relationship.

Support in More Ways than One

We do not always have enough funds to match the level of interest we get from volunteers. With access to more funding, we can support more matches.

We are always grateful to anyone who wishes to be involved and become a mentor. If we cannot support you as a volunteer, it is never because we do not want you! That is why we also invite you to become a donor as you volunteer or wait to be matched.